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Having written a ga-zillian scripts, to query dbs, decided it would be much simpler to call just one function multiple times, duh! 🙂

Then fulfilling business request after request – with many short php web pages calling the function. Decided to progressing this further – by removing the web page altogether (hitting the function via a wrapper). Let it handle the query, via variable parameters passed in on the HTTP GET.

This posed a bit of problem, pushing complexity on the enquirer. So then decided to write a web (interface) form to drive the function (wrapper) – which subsequently made the query. 🙂

All will become clear shortly! 🙂



Following this link will help a bit, I hope! 🙂 mysql demo

This web interface prepares the fields, which are subsequently submitted to the function for you.

You may notice that run_q is a PHP script, this is so you can either e-mail links directly to the function (genericQuery.php) or to this interface (run_q.php).

For example:

This query selects all fields and rows with a limit of 2 rows, to be returned – directly submitted to the function.

MySQL Demo Query

The next example drives the interface, which can then be submitted to the function. Notice it pre-selects mysql as the db (this is just for demo purposes, the table does not exit and mysql db is not accessible as this user).


MYSQL Web Interface

After the interface submits, the subsequent query to the function can be cut and paste from the browser address bar.

Also this interface shows all the possible functions, where you can get quite creative in your query – try it out.


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